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2019.10.29 | Research news

Juliette Abric at the Pompidou Center

Juliette Abric and Cyrille Michaud, from the Musical Department of the Bibliothèque Municipal de Lyon, were invited to the Bibliothèque publique d’information of the Centre Pompidou to expose their experience in musical mediation in the digital age.

2019.10.21 | Research news

Sketching in public places: Alix Ducros, Aurélien Tabard and Clemens Klokmose present an article in the Interactive Surfaces and Spaces 2019 Congress in South Korea

Alix Ducros and Aurélien Tabard, researchers from the #LyonTeam, and Clemens Klokmose, from the #Aarhus team, have published an article about Ébauche, a platform whose function is helping researchers and designers to sketch social and cultural practices of a particular place. This article will be presented in the Interactive Surfaces and Spaces…

2019.10.11 | Research news

The BML, Placed partner, at the IFLA Congress

Deputy director of the Musical Department of the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon, Juliette is part of the BML’s Placed working group. In this interview, she explains the librarians part in the project.

2019.10.04 | Research news

Project Highlights October 2019

In the last weeks, Placed is being tested and implemented in different stances. These highlights focus on two of our most prominent researchers, Alix Ducros and Daisy Yoo, one working with the librarians of the Bibliothèque Municipal de Lyon and the latter in Dokk1.

2019.10.01 | Workshop

Design workshops with the Music Department Team of the Lyon Public Library

Phase 3 of the "Explore" experimentation with Raphaëlle Bats, Juliette Abric, Aurélien Tabard, Benoît Galichet, Cyrille Michaud and Alix Ducros

2019.09.25 | Publication

Situated Sketching and Enactment for Pervasive Displays

Alix Ducros, Clemens Klokmose, Aurélien Tabard. Situated Sketching and Enactment for Pervasive Displays. Interactive Surfaces and Spaces 2019, Nov 2019, Daejeon, France. ff10.1145/3343055.3359702ff. ffhal-02294757f

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