Raphaelle Bats at the University of Montreal

Raphaelle Bats, Enssib researcher and part of the #LyonTeam, will give a lecture about the features of Placed’s prototypes at the University of Montreal.

With the title "Have you seen my video? How to integrate the cultural events in the library collections”, Raphaelle Bats, researcher from the Enssib and part of the #LyonTeam, will give a lecture about the interconnections of collections and events allowed by the use of Placed prototypes. This event will take place next 5 November at the Jean Pavillion at the University of Montreal. Raphaelle’s Canadian research stay is financed by the French-Canadian bilateral program “Entretiens Jacques Cartier”.

Participating in a conference in the University of Montreal is of a high importance. The University of Montreal is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada, whose Library School, EBSI, is one of the most prominent ones according to world rankings.

Explore and Participate propose innovations in librarians’ daily work because it opens the space for the dialogue between a fixed element of the library (Collections) and a dynamic one (events). As a result, these prototype helps with the tracing back of the results and the productions of these events.

Based on the project results, obtained by the surveys and interviews made in the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon, Raphaelle’s lecture will be connected to the integration of events in the library physical space (collections) and their relation with librarian prescription duties, the editing process and their temporality.