Project Highlights 2 : Alix Ducros and Clemens Klokmose at the Interactive Surfaces and Spaces 2019 Congress in South Korea

Alix Ducros, from the Lyon 1 University and Clemens Klokmose, from Aarhus University presented the paper “Sketching in public places” in the Interactive Surfaces and Spaces 2019 Congress in South Korea. The paper discuss the Ébauche prototype, a platform whose function is helping researchers and designers to sketch social and cultural practices of a particular place.

Source: ACM ISS Twitter Account

In “Sketching in public places” Alix Ducros, Aurélien Tabard and Clemens Klokmose, researchers from the Placed Project, discuss the process of situated sketching in dynamic public spaces such as libraries, train stations or commercial areas where human activities are taking place. Ebauche responds to this challenge because It enables designers to collaboratively sketch interfaces, distribute them across multiple displays and enact use cases.

This paper presentation was included in this highly relevant scientific congress program in human interaction machine. Its focus was the definition of interactive surfaces and spaces have become increasingly prevalent, appearing in various sizes, shapes, and application contexts, which enables and requires novel forms of interaction. This congress was a unique opportunity to share research on topics such as large-scale interactive displays, touch/gesture/whole-body and multimodal interaction, tabletop computing, 3D and spatial user interfaces, media facades, interactive architecture, interactive 3D spaces (mixed reality and augmented reality), and many others that lie within the overarching theme of interactive surfaces and spaces.