Working in summer: PLACED in SommerKREA

One of the researchers of the group, Daisy Yoo has tested a new-jointed version of our two prototypes, Explore and Participate, in the SommerKREA series at Dokk1.“This deployment has been successful; people have gradually integrated it to the workshops” stated Daisy, after showing a list of quantitative and qualitative data related to the subject.  

SommerKREA includes a wide range of participatory workshops for kids. They are totally appealed to the inclusion of new supports in their activities. “Kids loved to see their videos on Explore. The cool thing about it was that you can play multiple videos simultaneously. Kids can make new sound by playing multiple videos together, matching different instruments”

In order to reinforce the usage of the screens, Daisy and her team applied some posters with the sign “Try me” on them and some postcard-size handouts to people to promote PLACED.

Bravo for Daisy !