The BML, Placed partner, at the IFLA Congress

Deputy director of the Musical Department of the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon, Juliette is part of the BML’s Placed working group. In this interview, she explains the librarians part in the project.

1. Can you introduce yourself?

I am a librarian since 2011, I used to work in university libraries (Université d’Artois and Université Lyon 1) and then I became Deputy Director of the Musical Department in the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon. I have been working there for the last two years, and this allows me to connect my personal passions and my professional background into my library post!

2. You are part of the Placed Project as a librarian. How has this project changed your view on the post?  

I have been part of the project for one and a half a year, when the BML research group was constituted.  Personally, this project helped us to ask ourselves about our own collections, both the physical (books, cd, videos) and the digital ones (articles on the BML’s webzine Influx, Q/A services of the Guichet de Savoir)

3.  You have participated in the IFLA Congress 2019 in Athens in the stand AIFBD/PLACED, can you tell us a little bit more about it?

I have the chance of participating at the Congress IFLA 2019 in Athens. I was in the AIFBD/PLACED stand. During our presence, we showed the project to different attendees: with the assistance of a poster and a tablet, we explained what our research was about and its different phases. As IFLA Congress receives librarians from all over the world, we have collected some important information about the way professionals communicate events, and to what extent they arrive to connect their cultural programs with their collections.

4.  Did you attend the Congress sessions and meetings? Could you mention the most impactful ones?

On one hand, the IFLA Congress itself. I was highly surprised by the dimension of the event, (3600 librarians) and the richness of professional exchanges. On the other hand, the professional sessions and the poster exhibition were the moments I was most interested in. I must say I felt inspired by a lot of stands with particular gadgets or presentations on them: from using a virtual reality headset to discover Jane Austen times from the Monash University of Melbourne, the musical heritage preservation projects from the Serbia National Library and the French Libraries Agenda 2030 mobilization.   

5. Did you do some tourism at Athens? Can you give us some tips and must-do from the city?

IFLA was organized in Athens this year. It’s a city full of history (Acropolis, of course and its museum) and vivid at the same time! I would strongly recommend Exarchia district, where you can have a piece of the Greek punk scene.