Strengthening bonds: Alix Ducros and Aurélien Tabard in Denmark

This week, Alix Ducros and Aurélien Tabard (IRIS Laboratory, Lyon 1) from the #LyonTeam are visiting Aarhus University and the Library Dook 1 from the same city. They are working with the #AarhusTeam in order to integrate Explore and Participate into one prototype.

After this team work, Aurélien is thought to be present at with the ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures Call (ENSUF) Midterm Event along with Placed Project Manager Peter Dalsgaard in Oslo, Norway. This event is organised by Urban Europe, providing an opportunity for the projects to present first results, participate in thematic and coaching sessions, to discuss common challenges, share ideas, inspire and be inspired.

We are happy to see the progress of our group!