Our #LyonTeam in the National Congress of the ACIM (Music Information Professionals Association of France)

Raphaëlle Bats, Aurélien Tabard and Alix Ducros, our prominent #LyonTeam, with Juliette Abric from the Music Department of the Bibliothèque Municipal de Lyon were accepted to show their #Explore preliminary results in the 2019 Musical Librarian Meeting in Lyon at the workshop “From concert to punk section, how to include events into library collections” next week.

The #LyonTeam is switching on the ignition of a truly productive year. Next week, they are going to present a poster on the connections between collections and events in the National Congress of the ACIM in Lyon. Using the subject of punk music, the posters introduces us the story of B and C which, in spite of their different reasons to attend a library, they can cooperate and fulfil their needs in a symbiotic manner. With the assistant of the brilliant library J, both B and C will find what they are looking for while co-creating knowledge.

In order to give access to the events information from the collections, to communicate relevant data to strengthen community interests in regards to the events and, to encourage the visual and interactive connections of the activities and collections, J makes use of Explore to promote the encounter between the wide array of common needs both B and C share.

What is Explore? It is the question this poster intends to address. Following the path between B and C, trying to connect both aspects of library working (events and collections), J (and the poster) explains how Explore was created. Based on a collaborative-design approach, Explore is the result of co-conception between librarians and researchers. It is a software for tablets proposing different moving stances of information, which helps to include different source of data, such as internal information, audio and videos. This program aims to give tools to librarians to “editorialise” events and to include them into the collections. The last phase will be the observation of the results.

This poster will be presented by Our LyonTeam, compouded by Enssib Researcher and the Head of the International Relations Department, Raphaelle Bats, Juliette Abric, Junior Head of he Music Department of the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon, along with Aurélien Tabard, professor and reseacher in Human-Machine Interaction and Alix Ducros, doctoral student in the same field from the LIRIS Laboratory of the University Lyon 1.

We are so happy to be presenting the initial results of our hard work!