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2019.08.28 | Research news

Working in Summer 3: Working in summer 4: Have you seen my video? Placed presentation in the 2019 IFLA Congress and General Assembly

Raphaëlle Bats, from the #LyonTeam, gave a lecture about Placed in the 2019 IFLA Congress and General Assembly. The title of the lecture was: “Have you seen my video? Producing, keeping and sharing the audiovisual productions of the library”, where Raphaëlle explained how Placed and especially Explore work for libraries. Following the question…

2019.08.25 | Research news

Working in Summer 2: PLACED at 2019 IFLA Congress and General Assembly

Part of the Lyon team has installed a booth in the 2019 IFLA Congress and General Assembly. This booth was shared between our research project and the Francophone International Association of Librarians and Documentalist. This double-sensed booth, where research and public advocacy meet,  had two objectives: on one hand, to present our…

2019.07.17 | Research news

Working in summer: PLACED in SommerKREA

One of the researchers of the group, Daisy Yoo has tested a new-jointed version of our two prototypes, Explore and Participate, in the SommerKREA series at Dokk1.“This deployment has been successful; people have gradually integrated it to the workshops” stated Daisy, after showing a list of quantitative and qualitative data related to the…

2019.05.16 | Research news

Strengthening bonds: Alix Ducros and Aurélien Tabard in Denmark

This week, Alix Ducros and Aurélien Tabard (IRIS Laboratory, Lyon 1) from the #LyonTeam are visiting Aarhus University and the Library Dook 1 from the same city. They are working with the #AarhusTeam in order to integrate Explore and Participate into one prototype. After this team work, Aurélien is thought to be present at with the ERA-NET…

2019.05.16 | Research news

#LyonMeeting2019: Day 2

Aarhus University, Chalmers Institute of Technology, Enssib and the University Lyon 1 researchers and Dokk1, Lungby and BML librarians were part of the #LyonMeeting2019 (April 4th and 5th) This meeting gave all partners some insights about the deployment of the project, its potential and its current obstacles. In this two-day chronicle, we…

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