2019.02.04 | Research news

Our #PlacedTeam will hold an #InteractiveSession at the #NextLibrary2019 in Aarhus, Denmark.

Anya Ernest (Chalmers University of Technology), Eva Eriksson and Peter Dalsgaard (Aarhus University), Raphaëlle Bats (Enssib) and Benoit Epron (Enssib/Heg Génève) will hold an #InteractiveSession at the Next Library Aarhus 2019 to assess the impacts of the eventual use of #Explore and #Participate among librarians and the implication of…

2019.02.01 | Research news

Our #LyonTeam presenting the prototype of #Explore.

Raphaëlle, Aurélien and Alix, our prominent #LyonTeam, visited our partners of the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon to present the second phase of the project: the Setting up of the #ExplorePrototype in the Civilization Section.

2018.12.22 | Events, Research news

PLACEDproject workshops with the Design School of Villefontaine.

Alix Ducros, a member of our placedproject team of Lyon, is organising workshops at the library of the ENSSIB with students of the Design School of Villefontaine. What is at stake is the conception of numeric devices in libraries.

2018.12.19 | People

Alix Ducros : a researcher in numeric design in the PLACED project team.

PLACED presents you an another portrait of a team member, Alix Ducros.

2018.12.15 | Research news

The PlacedProject team of Lyon will meet on the 20th of december to discuss the "Explore" prototype

The last few months, the PlacedProject team of Lyon visited several libraries to set up and experiment the protoype "Explore" which they work on. They will meet on the 20th of december to discuss the experiment.

2018.12.14 | Events

PLACED workshop at the NextLibrary congress of 2018 in Berlin.

During the "NextLibrary" congress of 2018, PLACED organised a workshop on our prototype PARTICIPATE, entitled "Participate ! Encouraging and Capturing Knowledge Co-created in Library Events".

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