Research News

2019.02.13 | Research news

Placed in #QQML2019

Raphaëlle Bats (Enssib), Benoît Epron (HEG Geneve) and Christine Michel (INSA Lyon) will participate in the #QQML2019 Congress in Florence, Italy with an article about the adaptation of participative workshops to different contexts.

2019.02.13 | Research news

Our #TeamLyon present in the Annual Musical Librarians Meeting in Lyon, France.

Raphaëlle, Aurélien and Alix, our prominent #LyonTeam, with Juliette Abric from the Music Department of the Bibliothèque Municipal de Lyon were accepted to show their #Explore preliminary results in the 2019 Musical Librarian Meeting in Lyon at the workshop “From concert to hip hop aisles, how to include events into library collections”

2019.02.04 | Research news

Our #PlacedTeam will hold an #InteractiveSession at the #NextLibrary2019 in Aarhus, Denmark.

Anya Ernest (Chalmers University of Technology), Eva Eriksson and Peter Dalsgaard (Aarhus University), Raphaëlle Bats (Enssib) and Benoit Epron (Enssib/Heg Génève) will hold an #InteractiveSession at the Next Library Aarhus 2019 to assess the impacts of the eventual use of #Explore and #Participate among librarians and the implication of…

2019.02.01 | Research news

Our #LyonTeam presenting the prototype of #Explore.

Raphaëlle, Aurélien and Alix, our prominent #LyonTeam, visited our partners of the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon to present the second phase of the project: the Setting up of the #ExplorePrototype in the Civilization Section.