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2019.09.19 | Research news

The #LyonTeam at #IFLAWLIC2019

Part of the #LyonTeam travelled to Athens to the 2019 IFLA Congress and General Assembly. In the congress, they showed Explore features to the global library community and collected information about the librarian’s habits towards collections and events. Conferences were also part of the deal, such as the one gave by Raphaëlle Bats’ presentation…

2019.09.04 | Research news

Working in summer 4: Placed in Lundby

Daisy Yoo, researcher from the Placed Project, has deployed our both prototypes, Explore and Participate in one of our partner institutions, Lundby Library in Sweden. An initial test was planned for a series of activities during summer. Lundby deployment was based to the setting up of an Ipad, which will be connected to a large public display.…

2019.08.28 | Research news

Working in Summer 3: Working in summer 4: Have you seen my video? Placed presentation in the 2019 IFLA Congress and General Assembly

Raphaëlle Bats, from the #LyonTeam, gave a lecture about Placed in the 2019 IFLA Congress and General Assembly. The title of the lecture was: “Have you seen my video? Producing, keeping and sharing the audiovisual productions of the library”, where Raphaëlle explained how Placed and especially Explore work for libraries. Following the question…

2019.08.25 | Research news

Working in Summer 2: PLACED at 2019 IFLA Congress and General Assembly

Part of the Lyon team has installed a booth in the 2019 IFLA Congress and General Assembly. This booth was shared between our research project and the Francophone International Association of Librarians and Documentalist. This double-sensed booth, where research and public advocacy meet,  had two objectives: on one hand, to present our…

2019.07.17 | Research news

Working in summer: PLACED in SommerKREA

One of the researchers of the group, Daisy Yoo has tested a new-jointed version of our two prototypes, Explore and Participate, in the SommerKREA series at Dokk1.“This deployment has been successful; people have gradually integrated it to the workshops” stated Daisy, after showing a list of quantitative and qualitative data related to the…

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